Bad Sports Day

Penguins lose Game 3 in Philadelphia, Pirates get hammered by Atlanta a day after they pummeled the Braves, and the Indians fortunes in New York turned on a highly questionable home run.  Oh well.

The Penguins are still in good shape in the series.  They did not play very well defensively and were still in this game with a couple excellent chances to draw within 5-4 in the middle of the 3rd period.  If they can tighten up their defense, specifically making sure to mark the late guy into the play, they’ll be fine.  Special teams and goaltending; the Flyers had a short-handed goal and Biron made several nice saves for them.  Hopefully the Pens can rebound and win Game 4 Tuesday night.

As for the Pirates, they still find themselves at .500 after two weeks.  I would say that early return is ahead of my expectations.  But I have/had no expectations whatsoever, so it would be a vapid statement.

As for the Indians, why have replay if you are not going to use it to reverse reverseable bad calls?  Not as obvious as the Jeffrey Maier play in 1996 against Baltimore, but I thought it pretty clear the fan reached over the plane of the wall and interfered with the Cleveland outfielder.


One Response to “Bad Sports Day”

  1. Chris Says:

    The Marlins are 11-1! If they win the world series, you heard it here. They won in 1997, 2003, and how about 2009? Every 6 years.

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