Indians Club Bronx Bombers

22-4 was the absurd final score at the new Yankee Stadium this afternoon.  After a Texiera homer gave the Yanks a 2-0 lead in the 1st inning the Browns, er, Indians bats came alive in the 2nd inning.  17 men batted, 13 recorded a hit, 3 men homered, and a ridiculous 14 runs were recorded, tying a Cleveland Major Professional Baseball record for runs scored in one singular inning.  Obviously a strong combination of good hitting and simply terrible pitching by Chin Wien Wang and his “relief” pitching.  Counts only the same as every other game and tomorrow is a new day; indeed one that seems to favor the Yankees (Burnett v Pavano on the mound).  But its still quite wonderful fun to have a day like that!  And against New York no less!


2 Responses to “Indians Club Bronx Bombers”

  1. qwiksilver13 Says:

    I don’t think the Yankees should send Wang down, but I do think his next start should be skipped.

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  2. Chris Says:

    Take a look at this video

    You can see Wang’s mechanical problems (However I do not think it is an injury). In the video they are comparing 2008 to the second inning of yesterday’s game. But, if you compare his mechanics from the first inning ( ) you can see that his mechanics are the same from 2008 to the first inning yesterday.

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