Madden Cruiser Pulling Into Garage

After nearly 30 years in the broadcast booth after a highly successful stint as the head coach of the Oakland Raiders where he won Super Bowl XII, John Madden announced today that he is retiring.  NBC will use Cris Collinsworth to replace the iconic Madden.  But no one can replace him, and I for one will miss him, though I did think he might choose to retire after getting to call the Super Bowl in February.  Obviously he didn’t want any fanfare around it being his last game (and if it were known in advance it was his last game Madden would’ve overshadowed the actual game) and so he decided to wait and then announce it in the offseason.

Madden was one of those broadcasters that not many people were neutral about.  Some loved him, some hated him, and I always loved him.  He brought enthusiasm for the game into the booth, but he also really did know what he was talking about.  And, I’ve never known NFL football without him in the booth, either with Pat Summerall at CBS and then Fox, or with Al Michaels at ABC and then NBC.  I remember football without Jim Nantz and with Phil Simms playing.  I remember football without a Buck named Joe and before Troy Aikman was even playing.  But Madden has always been there.  I hope he enjoys his retirement.


One Response to “Madden Cruiser Pulling Into Garage”

  1. Nomad Says:

    Madden was extremely smart to get into the video game industry

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