Pens Win Game 1

Over the Philadelphia Flyers 4-1 at Mellon Arena.  An early power play goal gave the Pens a lead they would never relinquish.  It did stay close until the 3rd period until the Pens got goals by Malkin off a lazy Flyers pass that caromed back in front of the net and a blue line slapper by Mark Eaton.  Predictably, the Flyers acted like classless goons late in the game taking cheap shots at any Penguin they could find in the close seconds, cross checking Jordan Staal into the boards, whacking Bill Guerin in the ankles, and hitting Maxime Talbott in the back of the head with a stick butt.  Bobby Clarke’s imprint still visible I guess.  Anyhow, good win for the Pens, they were really flying around out there, but one should not assume this series will be easy.  Philly caught a number of posts with shots tonight and it wouldn’t take a ton to flip the result.  So the Pens will need to keep that intensity for Game 2 Friday night at the Igloo.


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