Pirates Off to Good Start

I of course refer to the Pittsburgh brand of Pirates, not the Somali kind.  Behind Zack Duke’s 4 hitter the Pirates won the home opener today over Houston 7-0 and run their record to 4-3.  Its been an in and out start to the season alternating wins with losses since Opening Day.  But there are some definite positives early on.  The offense is clicking and they are 4-1 in games not started by the opponent by Chris Carpenter or Aaron Harang.  More to the point Adam LaRoche is hitting in April, Nyjer Morgan is stealing 1st base with some regularity, and Jack Wilson is catching fire with a tweaked swing after an awful March.  And except for Ian Snell’s first start in St. Louis, the starters are pitching well.  Of course Buckeyenewshawk is a complete and total cynic when it comes to his Pirates (and how could he help but be; 1992 was a long time ago and I was a freshman in high school when Sid Bream scored) and assumes they will go 1-12 the next 2 weeks after he wrote a positive post.  But the early returns are preliminary but encouraging from the North Shore.


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