Congressman Wilson Supports Budget

Dear Friends,

Yesterday I voted in favor of a budget that serves as a long term economic plan that will get our economy working again and put the country on a path toward renewed prosperity. The bill passed the House 233-196.

It’s going to take time and tough choices to turn our economy around. The budget the House passed today puts us on the path to recovery by investing in the priorities like healthcare, energy and education. These are areas that will spur economic growth and lead to long tem sustainable prosperity.

The House-passed long term budget blueprint will cut the deficit nearly two-thirds by 2013. It cuts taxes for middle class families by $1.5 trillion. It will create jobs and grow our economy with targeted investments and reforms in healthcare, energy and education while reducing non-defense discretionary spending to its lowest level in nearly half a century. This long term economic plan ushers in a new era of honesty in budgeting by fully accounting for known expenses like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan that previous administrations left out in order to make the deficit look smaller. To bring change and restore integrity to Washington, this budget puts an unprecedented effort into rooting out waste, fraud and abuse in government spending.

The Republican budget would have cut healthcare for the neediest, privatized Medicare, and offered our wealthiest citizens another tax cut. We’ve tried those failed policies for the last eight years and here we are today in the worst economic crisis we’ve seen since the Great Depression.

President Obama inherited a record Republican deficit from the Bush Administration, which began with a $5.6 trillion surplus. The national debt is now double what it was when Bush first took office, wages are flat and unemployment is skyrocketing.

I believe the House-passed economic plan takes the necessary steps to dig our economy out of the hole the Bush Administration dug, drastically cut the deficit, and stimulate growth that helps all of us.


Charlie Wilson
Member of Congress
Ohio’s Sixth District


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