Parkway West Inbound to Close This Weekend

To be exact, at 10pm Friday night until 5am Monday morning the Parkway West (22/30 East) will be closed between the 60/22-30 interchange and I-79.  This closure is the first of 5 weekend closures either inbound or outbound between now and Mother’s Day weekend to mill out and resurface that stretch of roadway in conjunction with the “missing ramps” project at the Parkway interchange with I-79.  The 3 non-Easter weekends in April will be for inbound and the 2 weekends in early May for outbound.  The official PennDOT detour for the inbound closure is to take the Steubenville Pike exit where you will be forced off the Parkway (you are technically continuing on Rt. 60 South by doing so) and taking it towards Crafton where you will hit I-79 South and take it back to the Parkway West US 22-30 East/I-279 North.  Unofficially, you can also take the Steubenville Pike exit but along the strip in Robinson turn right onto Campbell’s Run Rd (intersection at Sheetz) and take it into Carnegie and get back on the Parkway.  I hope not too many people do the latter, though, as I have to work tomorrow morning at Penn Center West!  Anyhow, good look to all those that will tangle with PennDOT in the coming few weeks.

By the way, PennDOT hopes to have the missing ramps project finished in June this year, which will be a greatly needed improvement for West End travelling.


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