Motown Showdown

As I type we are approximately 22 hours from the first National Semifinal in men’s Division I collegiate basketball.  In other words, time for the Final Four.  Some semi-random thoughts:

1. The Sparty v UConn game appears to be a battle of contrasts.  I’m not sure Michigan St has anyone that can adequately match up with Hasheem Thabeet, but Izzo has had a week to ponder some defensive schemes.  For Sparty to compete, Goran Suton will probably need to play as well as he did against Louisville, and, in general, they will need to be hitting from the perimeter and/or getting baskets in transition.  Rather hard to score inside on UConn, and I don’t just mean against Thabeet.  My hunch is Michigan St keeps this game close, and if I’m right, I would like Sparty in the clutch.  However, UConn winning by 20 is also possible.

2. If North Carolina continues to play good defense, everyone else is probably screwed.  But if they are not sharp defensively, Villanova can certainly make them pay for it.  The obvious question is if this game is played in an ACC style with the score in the 80s, or in a Big East style with the score in the 60s.  Villanova needs to first make sure this does not become a fun ‘n’ gun game, and secondly make sure Hansbrough doesn’t go off on them.  If they can manage that, I would like them in the clutch.  But I can certainly see the Tar Heels winning comfortably.

3. Buckeyenewshawk will officially predict that Villanova cuts nets, beating Michigan St Monday night.  The reason is simple.  Michigan St will be designated the road team against UConn.  Villanova will be designated the road team against North Carolina.  Villanova would be designated the road team against Michigan St.  And the road team always wins in Ford Field.

Enjoy the games!


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