2009 BGSU Football Schedule Announced

It is highlighted by a September road game with Missouri and a home game with Boise St.  Also the Falcons were thankfully picked in an off year for the ESPN2 Election Night random MAC game timeslot, as opposed to say a Presidential year.  For full schedule:


Nice to have 6 home games overall.  And personally, always nice when they have a road game at nearby Kent.

In less happy news, the Bowling Green Lady Falcons WNIT run was ended this evening by Indiana.  The final was 75-67.  A fuller accounting of the game is not up on the BG website yet.  Oh well.  A ton of underclassmen this team could be scary good next season.  Lets certainly hope so.


4 Responses to “2009 BGSU Football Schedule Announced”

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  2. Politte Says:

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  4. Maurice Says:

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