Steelers to Open Season Hosting Titans

The NFL announced the primetime schedule for Week 1 along with the Thanksgiving schedule.  As is customary in recent years the defending champs will host the opening Thursday Night game and the Steelers have drawn the Tennessee Titans this season.  For all I know this was the route the NFL was going to go all along, but it did grab some headlines in Pittsburgh last weekend that the Baltimore Ravens put a request into the league offices that they NOT be the Steelers opponent for this game.  I guess they figure they don’t want to play an important division game in what figures to be a super-charged atmosphere, and they also sited the fact that 4 of the past 5 seasons their game in Pittsburgh has been in primetime of some form.  Still makes them look like a bunch of nancy boys, though.

The Sunday Night game will be Vikings/Packers with a Monday Night doubleheader of Bills/Patriots and Raiders/Chargers, the latter becoming something of a tradition as it clears the two Pacific Time AFC teams from the schedule as CBS does not want 4pm kickoffs Week 1 as they will be airing the men’s final US Open tennis in that timeslot.  Thanksgiving will be Packers/Lions, Raiders/Cowboys and Giants/Broncos.  The full Master Schedule should be released on a Tuesday in early to mid April.


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