64 to the Sweet 16

Just a few quick and random thoughts now that the first weekend of the NCAA Tournament is in the books:

1. I certainly cannot recall a Tourney with this much chalk.  14 of the 16 pod seeds advanced the Regional Semis, and its only a couple #4 seeds missing.  In one case its a #5 seed (Purdue) in their place.  Of the 16 2nd round games the team wearing the home uniform won 15, including #12 Arizona’s win over Cleveland St.  There were a number of games in both rounds where the underdog had a legit chance, had late leads.  But the favorite almost always found a way to pull it out, whether it be wearing their opponent down in the last 10 minutes or simply hitting the key plays late in the game.

2. Speaking of Arizona who’s complaining about The Committee including them in the field now?

3. I thought Schyer (I think it was him) of Duke made one of the smartest plays I’ve seen lately in their win over Texas on Saturday when he grabbed that loose ball falling out of bounds and had the presence to throw it way up in the air and into the backcourt.  One of his teammates got fouled in the scramble, but even if Texas gets the ball, they have to re-advance it and many crucial seconds have been wasted.  That and the fact that Texas was unable to rebound a missed free throw when Duke only had one guy besides the shooter in the lane was the difference in a completely even game.

4. Interesting decision by WKBN Youngstown this afternoon in the 2nd window of games.  4 games, and 3 of them involved Ohio teams; Xavier v Wisconsin, Cleveland St v Arizona, and Dayton v Kansas.  I assumed they would show the Vikings.  Nope. They picked door #4 and showed Pitt v Oklahoma St.  Understandable in most scenarios as the would certainly have Pitt fans in their viewing area.  But I thought they would go with Cleveland St, and I was hoping they would since I already had the Pitt game on KDKA Pittsburgh.  But it was by far the best game of the window, so no big deal.

5. I hope Ohio St works on their press break during the offseason.

6. Buckeyenewshawk still has little idea who is going to win this thing.  But I think you have to favor Spaghetti Jimmy, as Martial Arts Jimmy seems to always blow it in crunch time.


One Response to “64 to the Sweet 16”

  1. blask22 Says:

    A great weekend of college basketball. I am looking forward to these regional finals. Should be interesting. I have purdue, zags, ville, and pitt in the final four


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