President Names New Ambassador to Ireland

Not very often I can cross-list a post under “Steelers” and “National Politics” but yesterday gave me such an opportunity when President Obama named Steelers owner Dan Rooney to represent the interests of the United States to the government of his ancestral Emerald Isle.  What is not immediately known is if he shall try to sell the Irish government on the notion of combatting this recession with a 3-4 zone blitz look.  Personally, if I held that job I would feel it my duty to, ahem, inspect every pub on the island to make sure its safe for American tourists, but I’m sure Rooney will play the role more straight than that.  The Steelers have said this should not affect their operations at all, as Dan’s son Art II has been overseeing day-to-day operations for several years now.  Either way, the appointment is a nice feather in the cap for the Hall-of-Fame owner.


One Response to “President Names New Ambassador to Ireland”

  1. NG Lynd Says:

    Did you hear about Dobbs comments on St. Patrick’s Day? WTF was that???? I am usually ok with Dobbs, since he is primarily purposely misunderstood by his detractors, but this was silly. We have American celebrations, like the 4th of July. (If you did not hear, he criticized St. Pats day as ethnic.) That won’t go over with his own people; alot of people who like his message are Irish and love celebrating St. Pats day. They are REALLY into St. Pat’s day out here, it is a huge celebration.

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