Lady Falcons Drop Tourney Final

A lousy day of shooting for both teams, but its Bowling Green that ends up regretting that as Ball St finishes the game on a 7-0 run to win 55-51 at Quicken Loans Arena.  About 11 minutes into the 2nd half Bowling Green had only scored 2 points and a 5 point halftime lead turned into a deficit of the same size.  They battled back and had a 51-48 lead with about a minute to go, but Ball St. hit a tying 3, got a stop, and got a driving basket with about 25 seconds remaining to take the lead.  BG opted to go hot rather than call a timeout, but it didn’t work as Tracy Prontius got trapped in the corner and her attempted pass to Prochaska got stolen (would’ve been better to simply go out of bounds).  Ball St eluded getting fouled in the backcourt and ended up hitting a fast break layup that put them up 4 with 2.4 seconds left, thus ending the game.  So at I believe 29-4 BG is probably looking at going to the WNIT for two straight years.  Oh well.  I was obviously hoping for an NCAA appearance this year, for experience if nothing else.  Prontius and Prochaska are both sophomores, I believe Tara Breske is a junior as is Nikki McCoy.  This team should be even better next season.  Maybe they can make a deep WNIT run to get some more experience for next season.  Right now this team is solid, but its prone to long droughts on offense of simply not scoring at all, and that prevents them from dominating teams the way they should.  Of course, we’ll see if we again become inexplicably lucky and manage to keep Curt Miller rather than losing him to an inviting power conference coaching gig.


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