Bowling Green in Cleveland

Both the men and women made the semifinals of the MAC Tournament this weekend.  But the had different fates once they got that far, with the men losing to Akron Friday night and the women beating Toledo this afternoon.

The men’s team under Louis Orr play very solid defense.  What they need now is to find an offense.  Except for a run in the middle of the 2nd half that allowed them to erase a 28-17 halftime deficit in favor of a 43-40 lead, they just didn’t do much offensively.  If it weren’t for Miller, they would’ve been lucky to score more than 35 points in this game.  Still, they had a chance, but what broke their backs was when Akron went to the foul line with about 3 minutes left up 2.  They made the first, missed the 2nd but got the rebound and ended up making a 3 off that sequence for a 6 point lead, and the game was never ultra close after that.  BG got it down to about 4 points once in the final minute but the Zips did an excellent job making their foul shots down the stretch to close it out.  As Buckeyenewshawk types, the Zips are 20 minutes away from Dancing as they lead Buffalo by 8 at halftime.

The women were able to overcome a ice cold stretch in the middle of the 1st half to beat arch-rival Toledo and advance to tomorrow afternoon’s championship game against Ball St.    A good run at the end of the half got the Rockets lead down to 5 at halftime, and the 2nd half was the Tracey Prontius Show; she hit 8 triples and combined with going 8-9 at the foul line down the stretch scored a career-high32 points.  Basically BG came out in the 2nd half and blitzed Toledo, got the game even and then gathering a steadily greater lead.  The Falcons probably can’t afford to have as long a dead stretch if they expect to beat the Cardinals tomorrow afternoon.  I only staid until halftime of the Ball St win over Buffalo as it was pretty clear who was going to win, but it looked like BSU is a solid team.  I think BG should be favored, but its not likely to be easy.  Of course, you could argue that nothing worth doing is easy.


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