Potters Lose to Cambridge in Sectional Final

60-50 was the final score at the rec center on the campus of Ohio University Belmont.  The Potters gave a good effort, but weren’t hot enough from the perimeter to overcome the Bobcats being a more complete team.  Cambridge won each quarter by 2 or 3 points to slowly pull away and the game was not in much doubt the final few minutes.  Oh well.  Getting to the sectional final is probably the correct result for this Potters team.  The effort was there and Coach Cashdollar did a good job with this team, irregardless of the comments of some idiots in the stands and on JJHuddle.  When the backcourt is entirely freshmen and sophomores you are going to have at times uneven play.  With another year of work Dickey, Tompkins, and Beverly should be scary good by next season.  The frontcourt will be a worry, as I saw nothing else on the JV team to supplement Prentice and Blankenship.

Unfortunately this game got a bit chippy at times.  Beverly was called for a technical at the end of the 3rd quarter, and Cambridge’s #45 got into a verbal contest with Marty Webb in the middle of the 4th quarter.  Also, while I missed the meaty part of it, there was some unpleasantries during the postgame hand shaking which is obviously rather unfortunate.  I did see the Cambridge coach rather forcefully telling his player to settle down afterwards.


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