Potter Athletic Committee Recommends Asher Football Coach

It is not official until the school board takes action, which is expected to happen on March 9th, but it was unanimously recommended they approve the coaching contract for Mark Asher to be the next football coach at East Liverpool.  He apparently comes with experience at the collegiate level including with Jim Tressel at Ohio St.  He is quoted as saying he wants to run a variable formation offense and a fly to the ball defense.  Which is fine by me.  More importantly, he was quoted in The Review as saying he wants to stress fundamentals, Xs & Os football and weight traning.  I hope he succeeds in that goal.  What cost the Potters under McNicol more than anything was that the team didn’t block people and it got pushed off the ball on defense.  In other words, the technique was lacking and perhaps the strength was lacking as well.  The 2008 team would’ve been at least .500 on the field if it blocked people and if it didn’t waste its time with so many slow developing misdirection plays and plays where the quarterback rolls out to the short side and to the left while being right handed.  It sounded in the paper today like this guy has some common sense, and I am hopeful.

Reportedly Beaver Local coach Rich Wright pulled his name from consideration late in the process.  I would be curious to know why.  Frankly, I was a bit surprised he applied to begin with, as far as that goes.  Hopefully there aren’t too many in the community that don’t give Asher a chance because they wanted Wright, or wanted Al Johnson.  Asher deserves our support until proven otherwise.


One Response to “Potter Athletic Committee Recommends Asher Football Coach”

  1. Floyd Says:

    Where has this Asher guy come from? I looked at the original Review article and it listed his last coaching gig being Otterbein in 1990. I’m still holding out for Lou to come home and coach a year or two!

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