You can chalk Buckeyenewshawk up as one person that refuses to get too worked up over this story.  Well, let me rephrase; I am irritated that the results of what were supposed to be anonymous baseline sampling tests in 2003 became public knowledge.  I am sure the MLBPA will want the person responsible for that leak drawn & quartered.  And frankly, for once, I will agree with the union.  They consented to the tests with the understanding that the identities of those that flunked would never be public knowledge, and that trust has been violated.  Now Alex Rodriguez will get singled out for a firestorm of negative publicity when the reality is something like 7% of all Major Leaguers that season flunked the steroids tests.

As for A-Rod I personally say this should not unduly tarnish his image, nor should it keep him from the Hall-of-Fame when his time comes.  A lot of people were juicing prior to 2003, a lot of people we’ll never know about, and would probably be shocked to learn about, were juicing prior to 2003.  Until/if he fails a steroid test that is not merely a baseline survey test, I don’t think he should be sanctioned in any way.  I am, however, not so niave as to think the media and some in the public won’t crucify him, unfairness be damned.


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