Stimulus Debate

There seems to be a lot of hand wringing in the press and the White House over whether the votes exist to pass the stimulus bill.  I assume they mean avoid risk of a filibuster and pass, because I am unaware of Democratic defections, and it would take almost 10 to sink the bill outright.  To my thinking, the key number is 51, not 60.  Dare the Republicans to stand in the way and filibuster this thing.  Make sure it is known that if they do filibuster, every Democratic mouthpiece from President Obama on down will proclaim from every microphone in the country that Republicans stood in the way of progress and that any and all economic hardships you feel from now forward are their fault.  See if they are still willing to block it after a couple days of doing that.

For another excellent essay on why we need this stimulus bill, and frankly a lot more:


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