Super Steelers

Wow what a game!  Steelers won the game 27-23 in case you were living in a cave and didn’t already know that.  I think the single biggest play was the Harrison 100 yard touchdown to end the first half.  The Cardinals were going to at worst tie it, and at best lead 14-10 at halftime and then receive the after Bruce kickoff.  Instead Pittsburgh led 17-7.  The Steelers barely pulled it out even with that play.  During the play, I honestly didn’t get that excited b/c I saw the graphic that there was a flag on the play.  I was worried they were calling the Steelers for something, so I just wanted Harrison to stay upright as long as possible, so even if the pick came back all Arizona had time left for was the tying field goal.  But, what an inspired runback getting all the way to the House!

Fast forward to the 4th quarter.  Wow!  I’m glad it took the Cardinals until the 4th quarter to find their rythmn, but they did find it.  Quick touchdown got it to 20-14.  An exchange of punting later saw the Steelers backed up on their own 1 yard line.  I was already thinking that making the Cardinals punt might be a mistake; that it might’ve been better to let them take the lead with time left to answer.  Then I was thinking that if it got to 4th down the Steelers should take the safety on purpose, as it still left them up 4.  The holding call made it for them a play early, though, then Larry Fitzgerald did his thing and the Cardinals led 23-21.  After a brief moment of irritation I was thankful that it left 2:32 on the clock for Ben to do his thing.  I would’ve taken the first overtime in Super Bowl history, but once the Steelers got it down to the 6 yard line I wanted the TD.  I was still a bit nervous that the Cardinals had time to get it in Hail Mary range, thinking of Larry Fitzgerald out-jumping everyone, but the Steelers got a sack/fumble/recovery to ice things.  Hallelujah!

How about that halftime show!  Why were we ever forced to waste time w/ atonal nightmares like the Janet Jackson Justin Timberlake show 5 years ago today when we can have this instead?  Also, props to anyone that turned a quick profit in Vegas by guessing that 10th Avenue Freeze Out would make the set list.  I just hope Bruce didn’t hurt that cameraman he slid right into during the show!

Part of the Super Bowl experience is always the commercials.  There were a number of solid ads, ads you kind of chuckle at, but I don’t think anything will go into the all-time pantheon.  Of course, when the ads are more memorable than the game, that usually means something was wrong with the game, and there was nothing wrong with this game.


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