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Championship Week ESPN Schedule

February 28, 2009

Courtesy of awful announcing, here is the Championship Week schedule for the ESPN family of channels, along with announcing assignments.  Time to make sure you have fresh batteries in the remote control!

Rather easy week for Vitale with just some work late in the ACC Tourney, and nothing for Bob Knight.  I’m sure we’ll see a ton of him and Mr. Tieliter in the Bristol studios.


MAC Showdown Sunday High Noon in Akron

February 28, 2009

Between Bowling Green and the Zips of Akron, who co-lead the East and overall conference with Buffalo with tomorrow and next week remaining in the regular season.  If the Falcons can win out (tomorrow and then next week against Miami and Ohio) they will be the #1 seed in the MAC Tournament and have in their back pocket a bid to the NIT should they fail to win all the games in Cleveland.  Which quite frankly sort of blows my mind that Bowling Green controls their own destiny this late in the season.  I mean, has the MAC ever been more mediocre?  Probably yes, but not in recent memory.  We are talking about the same Bowling Green team that just last weekend managed to lose at home to sub .500 Canisius, that lost in late December to perennial punchline Duquesne, that has lost over 10 games this season.  I don’t mean to be too critical.  Louis Orr found the cupboard rather bare when he came to northwest Ohio a couple years ago and I think he has the program going in the right direction with some good young talent.  But a team this maddeningly inconsistent and mediocre to win the conference title would be almost as preposterous as expecting the 9-7 Arizona Cardinals to win the NFC and almost pull off a Super Bowl victory.

Potter Athletic Committee Recommends Asher Football Coach

February 28, 2009

It is not official until the school board takes action, which is expected to happen on March 9th, but it was unanimously recommended they approve the coaching contract for Mark Asher to be the next football coach at East Liverpool.  He apparently comes with experience at the collegiate level including with Jim Tressel at Ohio St.  He is quoted as saying he wants to run a variable formation offense and a fly to the ball defense.  Which is fine by me.  More importantly, he was quoted in The Review as saying he wants to stress fundamentals, Xs & Os football and weight traning.  I hope he succeeds in that goal.  What cost the Potters under McNicol more than anything was that the team didn’t block people and it got pushed off the ball on defense.  In other words, the technique was lacking and perhaps the strength was lacking as well.  The 2008 team would’ve been at least .500 on the field if it blocked people and if it didn’t waste its time with so many slow developing misdirection plays and plays where the quarterback rolls out to the short side and to the left while being right handed.  It sounded in the paper today like this guy has some common sense, and I am hopeful.

Reportedly Beaver Local coach Rich Wright pulled his name from consideration late in the process.  I would be curious to know why.  Frankly, I was a bit surprised he applied to begin with, as far as that goes.  Hopefully there aren’t too many in the community that don’t give Asher a chance because they wanted Wright, or wanted Al Johnson.  Asher deserves our support until proven otherwise.

Letter From Congressman Wilson

February 27, 2009

Dear Friends,

It was a big week in Washington. On Tuesday night President Obama clearly and honestly laid out the grave challenges we face as a nation. He thoughtfully outlined a plan that includes tough choices. He believes our great country is up to the challenge. Like him, I believe we have been through worse and come out better. We can do it again. The only real danger we face is doing too little.

When the President released his FY2010 budget on Thursday, I was very encouraged with how he plans to deal with the deficits and debt we inherited. President Obama will cut our annual spending deficit in half by the end of his term. More importantly he didn’t sugar coat the budget and honestly accounted for real expenses like the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In addition, President Obama’s budget emphasizes our shared values and will make long term investments in energy, healthcare and education, which I believe will lay the proper foundation for our economic recovery and long term economic growth. I believe this is a solid blueprint on which Congress can build its budget and I look forward to starting that process.

Speaking of budgets, I’m proud to announce that Congress is close to finishing the leftover budget work of last year for FY2009. $7,937,643 in federal dollars could soon be headed directly to Ohio’s Sixth District. The federal funds are part of the $410 billion Omnibus spending bill which passed the House this week and now heads to the Senate.

This legislation eliminates programs that haven’t performed the way they should, and includes strict accountability measures to ensure that American tax dollars are spent wisely.  In addition, earmarks have been further reduced by 5% below last year’s levels, building on last year’s 43% reduction.

I’m proud of this spending bill. We’ve made responsible cuts, but are spending money where it needs to be spent. If there’s one thing I hear a lot from people all along the Ohio River and up into Mahoning and Columbiana Counties is that they feel Ohio doesn’t always get its fair share. I’m proud to bring nearly $8 million back home in federal investment. Each of these projects will help our district; these aren’t bridges to nowhere.

Programs Back Home Slate to Receive Funding in the 2009 Spending Bill:

  • $295,000 for an initiative known as “From Steel to Scholars” for Mahoning County.
  • Along with Rep. Tim Ryan (OH-17), I secured $245,643 for Mahoning County’s “Salute to Success” program, an entrepreneurship development initiative.
  • Along with Sen. George Voinovich, I successfully secured $951,500 for an advanced carbon capture and storage project at the R.E. Burger Power Plant in Belmont County.
  • $86,000 for the Dillonvale Senior Center in Jefferson County.
  • Along with Congressman Zack Space (OH-18) I secured $688,000 for crucial infrastructure improvements at Ohio University Airport in Athens County.
  • Along with Sen. George Voinovich, I also secured $238,000 to expand the Southeast Ohio Center for Excellence in Mathematics and Science in Athens County.
  • Along with Rep. Space, Sen. Voinovich and Sen. Sherrod Brown, I secured $232,750 to expand Ohio University’s Economic Development through Entrepreneurship in Appalachia program.
  • $475,000 for the Chesapeake By-Pass in Lawrence County.
  • Along with Rep. Geoff Davis (KY-4) and Sen. George Voinovich, I also secured $335,000 for the Army Corps of Engineers’ project at Greenup Lock and Dams in Scioto County.
  • $250,000 for the Gallipolis Communication Interoperability Project and the development of a city-wide first responders’ radio communication system.
  • $50,000 each for Mahoning, Columbiana, Belmont, Noble, Athens and the Scioto County Sheriff Departments for much needed equipment. (Total of $300,000)
  • Finally, the total for the 2009 appropriations that I secured for the Sixth Congressional District reflects two projects previously announced when the Defense bill was signed into law in December 2008. Those previously announced projects include $2.24 million for an alternative energy project at Ohio University and $1.6 million awarded for continuing research at OU on lightweight heat exchangers for airplanes and spacecraft.


Charlie Wilson
Member of Congress
Ohio’s Sixth District

Browns Dump Winslow

February 27, 2009

The Browns have cut their ties to mercurial star tight end Kellen Winslow, Jr., sending him to Tampa for undisclosed conditional draft picks and will now try to Soldier on without him.  And, quite frankly, I think its a huge blunder.  Yes, he could be a bit of a pain in the ass.  But, I understand him being angry/frustrated after the staph infection, and I hope his comments after that aren’t why they traded him.  He broke his leg as a rookie and then had the bike accident that prevented his sophomore campaign.  I hesitate to call him injury prone because of that.  He’s a darn good receiving tight end, one of the best in the game, and I seriously doubt the Browns will be able to adequately replace him.  Its one thing to dump a very good running back for draft picks; if you have a good offensive line you’ll have a good running game.  You don’t replace premier tight ends.  The Browns offense in 2009 will be weaker because of this move.

Of course, by trading Winslow, now the Browns don’t have to deal with Drew Rosenhaus.  That avoidance of aggravation might be worth something to Browns brass.

East Liverpool Native Norm Van Lier Found Dead

February 27, 2009

In his Chicago apartment at age 61.  The Bulls standout guard of the 1970s was born in East Liverpool and grew up in Midland, PA, being a star member of the Leopards football, baseball, and basketball teams in the mid-1960s.  He played collegiately at St. Francis, PA before his successful NBA career which included several All-Star Game and 1st or 2nd team all defense team appearances.  After his playing career he continued to live in Chicago and worked in broadcasting.  Indeed, he was scheduled to work the pre and post games for the Bulls game with New Jersey Thursday.

Don’t Jaywalk in Denver

February 25, 2009

I’m really not sure what to say.  If they didn’t also cite the old ladies that would be a bit biased.  But can we please use some sense here?

Sorry for the Abscence

February 23, 2009

Pray that you don’t get the gastrointestinal bug that Buckeyenewshawk has had since Saturday.  From midday Saturday to midday Sunday I probably spent about 18 hours sleeping, and the other hours too listless to do anything.  I am more energetic again, but still not eating much, and have spent more time on the porcelain bowl than I’d care to.  That along with the car accident my dad had two weeks ago precluded me from doing much blogging.  It will not likely perk all the way back up to my 2008 norm of 2-3 posts a night on average soon, but I am hopeful to have some time to chat with my loyal readers (both of you) again.

Going Digital

February 16, 2009

Courtesy of the Associated Press, here is the list of TV stations that will end analog broadcasts on the original February 17th date, ie, in a few hours.  Note it is organized alphabetically by state:

— Alabama

Birmingham-Anniston-Tuscaloosa: WDBB (CW), WABM, WBIQ (PBS), WTTO (CW)

Louisville: WGIQ (PBS)

Huntsville-Decatur-Florence: WFIQ (PBS), WAAY-TV (ABC), WHIQ (PBS)

Mobile-Pensacola: WBPG (CW), WEIQ (PBS) (also see Florida)

Montgomery-Selma: WIIQ (PBS), WDIQ (PBS), WAIQ (PBS), WCOV-TV (Fox)

Mt. Cheaha: WCIQ (PBS) (Atlanta market)

— Arizona

Phoenix: KCFG, KMOH-TV, KTAZ (Telemundo), KPPX (Ion)

— Arkansas

Jonesboro: KTEJ (PBS), KVTJ

Little Rock-Pine Bluff: KVTH, KARK-TV (NBC), KASN (CW)

— California

Bakersfield: KUVI-TV (MyNetworkTV)

Eureka: KEET (PBS)

Fresno-Visalia: KVPT (PBS)

Los Angeles: KHIZ

Monterey-Salinas: KION-TV (CBS), KCBA (Fox)

San Diego: KFMB-TV (CBS), KGTV (ABC), KSWB-TV (Fox), XETV (based in Tijuana, Mexico, but carries U.S. CW network)

San Francisco-Oakland-San Jose: KCNS, KOFY-TV, KICU-TV, KFTY

Santa Barbara: KSBY (NBC), KTAS (Telemundo), KEYT-TV (ABC), KPMR (Univision), KCOY-TV (CBS)

— Colorado


Grand Junction-Montrose: KFQX (Fox), KKCO (NBC), KREX-TV (CBS), KREY-TV (CBS)

— Connecticut

Hartford & New Haven: WUVN (Univision), WHPX (Ion)

Bridgeport: WEDW (PBS) (New York market)

— Florida

Ft. Myers-Naples: WBBH-TV (NBC), WINK-TV (NBC), WXCW (CW), WZVN-TV (ABC)

Gainesville: WCJB-TV (ABC)

Miami-Ft. Lauderdale: WSBS-TV, WPXM (Ion)

Mobile-Pensacola: WFGX (MyN), WJTC , WSRE (PBS) (also see Alabama)

Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne: WBCC (PBS), WVEN-TV (Univision), WTGL, WMFE-TV (PBS), WRDQ

Panama City: WMBB (ABC), WPCT

Tallahassee-Thomasville: WFXU (PBS), WFSG (PBS), WFSU-TV, WTXL-TV (ABC)

Tampa-St. Petersburg-Sarasota: WCFL, WWSB (ABC), WTTA (MyN), WEDU (PBS), WVEA-TV (Univision)

— Georgia


Atlanta: WGTV, WATC


Chatsworth: WNGH-TV (PBS) (Chattanooga market)

Columbus: WJSP-TV (PBS), WLTZ (NBC)

Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville: WNEG-TV (CBS) (also see South Carolina)


Savannah: WGSA (CW), WJCL (ABC), WVAN-TV (PBS) (also see South Carolina)

Tallahassee-Thomasville: WCTV (CBS) (also see Florida)

Waycross: WXGA-TV (PBS) (Jacksonville market)

— Guam


— Idaho

Twin Falls: KMVT (CBS)

— Iowa

Cedar Rapids: KFXA (Fox), KGAN (CBS), KFXB, KWKB (CW), KWWL (NBC)

Davenport-Rock Island-Moline: KGCW-TV (CW)

Des Moines-Ames: KDSM-TV (Fox), WHO-TV (NBC)

Sioux City: KCAU-TV (ABC), KMEG (CBS), KPTH (Fox), KTIV (NBC)

(also see Illinois and Missouri for Keokuk area)

— Illinois

Champaign & Springfield-Decatur: WICD (ABC), WEIU-TV (PBS), WAND (NBC), WBUI (CW), WICS (ABC), WRSP-TV (Fox), WCCU (Fox)

Peoria-Bloomington: WYZZ-TV (Fox), WEEK-TV (NBC), WMBD-TV (CBS), WTVP (PBS)

Quincy-Hannibal-Keokuk: WMEC, WGEM-TV (NBC), WQEC

Rockford: WIFR (CBS), WQRF-TV (Fox), WREX-TV (NBC), WTVO (ABC)

Olney: WUSI-TV (Terre Haute, Ind. market)

East St. Louis: WRBU (MyN) (also see St. Louis)

(see Paducah, Ky., for southern Illinois, and Iowa for Moline area)

— Indiana


Indianapolis: WCLJ-TV, WIPB (PBS)

South Bend-Elkhart: WSJV (Fox), WNDU-TV (NBC), WSBT-TV (CBS)

— Kansas

Joplin-Pittsburg: KOAM-TV (CBS)


Wichita-Hutchinson: KUPK-TV (ABC), KBSH-TV (CBS), KOOD (PBS), KMTW (MyN), KWCH-TV (CBS), KSWK (PBS), KSAS-TV (Fox), KSCW (CW)

— Kentucky

Bowling Green: WKYU-TV (PBS)

Lexington: WYMT-TV (CBS), WTVQ-TV (ABC)

Louisville: WBKI-TV (CW)

Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg: WDKA (MyN) (also see Missouri)

— Louisiana

Alexandria: KALB-TV (NBC & CBS),

Lake Charles: KVHP (Fox)

Monroe-El Dorado: KAQY (ABC), KNOE-TV (CBS)

Shreveport: KSHV (MyN)

— Maine

Bangor: WVII-TV (ABC)

Portland: WGME-TV (CBS), WPFO (Fox)

— Maryland

Baltimore: WBFF (Fox), WNUV (CW)

Hagerstown: WJAL (Univision) (Washington, D.C., market)

— Massachusetts

Boston: WMFP

Providence-New Bedford: WLNE-TV (ABC) (also see Rhode Island)

Springfield-Holyoke: WWLP (NBC)

— Michigan

Detroit: WPXD (Ion), WMYD (MyN)

Lansing: WILX-TV (NBC)

— Minnesota

Duluth-Superior: WDIO-TV (ABC), WIRT (ABC) (also see Wisconsin)

Minneapolis-St. Paul: KWCM (PBS), KAWE (PBS), KAWB (PBS), WUCW (CW)

Rochester-Mason City-Austin: KTTC (NBC), KXLT-TV (Fox)

Worthington: KSMN (PBS) (Sioux Falls market)

— Mississippi

Biloxi-Gulfport: WMAH-TV (PBS), WXXV-TV (Fox)

Columbus-Tupelo-West Point: WMAE-TV (PBS), WMAB-TV (PBS), WLOV-TV (Fox)

Greenwood-Greenville: WXVT (CBS), WABG-TV (ABC), WMAO-TV (PBS)


Meridian: WGBC (NBC) (Feb. 19), WMAW-TV (PBS), WMDN (CBS) (Feb. 16)

Natchez: WNTZ (Fox) (Alexandria market)

Oxford: WMAV-TV (PBS) (Memphis market)

— Missouri

Paducah-Cape Girardeau-Harrisburg: KBSI (Fox) (also see Kentucky)

Springfield: KSPR (ABC)

St. Louis: KDNL-TV (ABC) (also see Illinois)

— Montana

Butte-Bozeman: KWYB (ABC)

Great Falls: KFBB-TV (ABC), KRTV (CBS)

Missoula: KTMF (ABC)

— Nebraska

Lincoln-Hastings-Kearney: KGIN (CBS), KHNE-TV (PBS), KWNB-TV (ABC), KHGI-TV (ABC), KLNE-TV (PBS), KOLN (CBS),


Scottsbluff: KDUH-TV (ABC) (Rapid City, S.D., market)

— Nevada

Las Vegas: KVCW (CW), KVMY (MyN), KMCC


— New Hampshire

Boston-Manchester: WENH-TV (PBS), WEKW-TV (PBS), WNEU

Burlington-Plattsburgh: WLED-TV (PBS) (see also Vermont)

— New Jersey

Newton: WMBC-TV (New York market)

West Milford: WFME-TV (New York market)

Wildwood: WMGM-TV (NBC) (Philadelphia market)

— New Mexico

Albuquerque-Santa Fe: KENW (PBS)

— New York

Binghamton: WBNG-TV (CBS), WICZ-TV (Fox)

Buffalo: WUTV (Fox)

Burlington-Plattsburgh: WPTZ (NBC), WCFE-TV (PBS) (Also see Vermont)

Rochester: WUHF (Fox)

Syracuse: WNYS-TV (MyN)

Utica: WKTV (NBC)

Watertown: WWNY-TV (CBS)

— North Carolina


Greensboro-High Point-Winston-Salem: WMYV (MyN), WXLV-TV (ABC)

Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville: WYCW (CW) (also see South Carolina and Georgia)

Raleigh-Durham-Fayetteville: WRDC (MyN), WLFL (CW), WRAY-TV

Wilmington: WUNJ-TV (PBS)

— North Dakota


Minot-Bismarck-Dickinson: KFYR-TV (NBC), KQCD-TV (NBC), KMCY (ABC), KUMV (NBC)

— Ohio

Cincinnati: WSTR-TV (MyN)

Cleveland-Akron: WOAC

Columbus: WWHO (CW), WTTE (Fox)

Toledo: WGTE-TV (PBS)

— Oklahoma

Oklahoma City: KAUT-TV (MyN), KETA-TV (PBS), KOCB (CW), KOKH-TV (Fox), KWTV (CBS)

Tulsa: KDOR-TV, KRSC-TV (PBS), KQCW (CW), KGEB, KMYT-TV (MyN), KOED-TV (PBS), KOTV (CBS), KWHB Wichita Falls-Lawton: KSWO-TV (ABC) (also see Texas)

— Oregon

Eugene: KEZI (ABC), KLSR-TV (Fox)

Medford-Klamath Falls: KBLN, KDKF (ABC), KOTI (NBC), KDRV (ABC), KMVU (Fox), KOBI (NBC), KSYS (PBS)

Pendleton: KFFX-TV (Fox) (Yakima-Pasco-Richland-Kennewick market, also see Washington)

— Pennsylvania


Harrisburg-Lancaster-Lebanon-York: WIFT-TV (PBS), WLYH-TV (CW)

Johnstown-Altoona-State College: WATM-TV (ABC), WWCP-TV (Fox)

Pittsburgh: WPGH-TV (Fox), WPMY (MyN), WQEX

Wilkes-Barre-Scranton: WNEP-TV (ABC), WVIA-TV (PBS), WYOU (CBS), WBRE-TV (NBC), WQMY (MyN)

— Puerto Rico

Fajardo: WORO-TV, WRUA

Naranjito: WECN

San Juan: WTCV

— Rhode Island

Providence-New Bedford: WJAR (NBC), WNAC-TV (Fox), WPRI-TV (CBS) (also see Massachusetts)

— South Carolina

Allendale: WEBA-TV (PBS) (Augusta market)

Beaufort: WJWJ-TV (PBS) (Savannah market)

Charleston: WITV (PBS), WMMP (MyN), WTAT-TV (Fox)

Charlotte: WNSC-TV (PBS)


Greenville-Spartanburg-Asheville: WMYA-TV (MyN), WNTV (PBS), WNEH (PBS), WRET-TV (PBS) (also see Georgia and North Carolina)

Hardeeville: WTGS (Fox) (Savannah market)

Myrtle Beach-Florence: WHMC (PBS), WJPM-TV (PBS)

— South Dakota

Rapid City: KIVV-TV (Fox), KZSD-TV (PBS), KBHE-TV (PBS), KEVN-TV (Fox).

Sioux Falls-Mitchell: KABY-TV (ABC), KDSD-TV (PBS), KESD-TV (PBS), KQSD-TV (PBS), KPRY-TV (ABC), KTSD-TV (PBS), KCSD-TV (PBS), KSFY-TV (ABC), KTTW (Fox), KUSD-TV (PBS) (also see Minnesota)

— Tennessee

Chattanooga: WDEF-TV (CBS), WTCI (PBS)

Jackson: WLJT (PBS)

Knoxville: WETP-TV (PBS)

Memphis: WLMT (CW) (also see Mississippi)

Nashville: WNAB (CW), WUXP-TV (MyN), WZTV (Fox)

— Texas

Amarillo: KACV-TV

Austin: KEYE-TV (CBS)

Dallas-Ft. Worth: KTAQ

Harlingen: KMBH (PBS)


Odessa-Midland: KPBT-TV

San Angelo: KLST (CBS), KSAN-TV (NBC)

San Antonio: KMYS (MyN), KABB (Fox)

Sherman-Ada: KXII (CBS)

Nacogdoches: KYTX (CBS)

Victoria: KAVU-TV (ABC)

Waco-Temple-Bryan: KYLE (Fox), KCEN-TV (NBC), KWBU-TV, KWKT (Fox), KWTX-TV (CBS), KXXV (ABC)

Wichita Falls-Lawton: KFDX-TV (NBC), KJTL (Fox) (also see Oklahoma)

— Utah

Salt Lake City: KCSG

— Vermont

Burlington-Plattsburgh: WCAX-TV (CBS), WETK (PBS), WVNY (ABC), WNNE (NBC), WVER (PBS), WVTB (PBS), WVTA (PBS) (also see New Hampshire and New York)

— Virginia

Charlottesville: WCAV (CBS), WVIR-TV (NBC, CW)

Harrisonburg: WHSV-TV (ABC)

Norfolk: WHRO-TV (PBS), WTVZ-TV (MyN)

Richmond: WRLH-TV (Fox)

Roanoke: WDRL-TV

— Washington

Seattle-Tacoma: KWPX (Ion), KBCB, KVOS-TV


Yakima-Pasco-Richland Kennewick: KVEW (ABC), KNDU (NBC), KTNW (PBS), KAPP (ABC), KNDO (NBC) (also see Oregon)

— West Virginia

Bluefield-Beckley-Oak Hill: WVVA (NBC), WVNS-TV (CBS)

Charleston: WSAZ-TV (NBC), WOWK-TV (CBS)

Clarksburg: WBOY-TV (NBC)

Parkersburg: WTAP-TV (NBC)

Wheeling-Steubenville: WTRF-TV (CBS)

— Wisconsin

Duluth-Superior: KBJR-TV (also see Minnesota)

Green Bay: WFRV-TV (CBS), WIWB (CW)

La Crosse-Eau Claire: WEUX (Fox), WEAU-TV (NBC), WQOW-TV (ABC), WKBT (CBS), WLAX (Fox), WXOW-TV (ABC)


Milwaukee: WCGV-TV (MyN), WVCY-TV, WVTV (CW)

Wausau-Rhinelander: WYOW (ABC), WJFW-TV (NBC) (Feb. 16), WAOW-TV (ABC), WSAW-TV (CBS), WFSX (Fox)

— Wyoming

Casper-Riverton: KFNB (Fox), KGWC-TV (CBS), KPTW (PBS), KTWO-TV (ABC), KGWL-TV (CBS), KFNE (Fox)

Cheyenne-Scottsbluff: KLWY (Fox)

Laramie: KWYP-TV (PBS) (Denver market)

Rock Springs: KGWR-TV (CBS) (Salt Lake City market)

Sheridan: KSGW-TV (ABC) (Rapid City, S.D. market)

Pens Fire Therrien

February 15, 2009

Dan Bylsma will be promoted from Scranton/Wilkes-Barre on an interim basis:

It was probably time to make that move.  The Pens have looked listless the last 2 or 3 months, unresponsible, lackadaisical.  Maybe new leadership can kick them in the ass.