Judicial Watch Loses Grip on Reality

I never have fully understood all the Clinton hating from the far right.  But this is just absurd.  Judicial Watch has filed suit claiming that Hillary is Constitutionally ineligible to be Secretary of State until 2013:


Are you kidding me???  I mean, is this a joke or something?  Since she won’t be paid the higher rate that Congress had passed, I don’t see there is an issue here.  No harm is being done to the American taxpayer.  Its not like she voted to have the Secretary of State’s pay bumped a few thousand dollars while a Republican was President and while she was running (or planning to fun) for President thinking she would end up being Secretary of State someday (I assume she voted for it as that sort of thing is usually pro forma).  I hope the judge dismisses this and makes Judicial Watch pay a steep wasting our time penalty.


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