Blago Ousted

By a unanimous 59-0 vote of the Illinois Senate.  If you are curious, he became the 8th governor in United States history to get impeached and convicted, and here, courtesy of Salon, is the list:

–William W. Holden of North Carolina, removed in 1871 after he sent a militia to quell violence by the Ku Klux Klan and suspended the right of habeas corpus for accused Klan leaders. He also had several political opponents arrested.

–David Butler of Nebraska, removed in 1871 for misappropriating school funds. The impeachment proceedings were later expunged from the legislative record, and in 1888 he was elected to another term as governor.

–William Sulzer of New York, removed in 1913. Sulzer, a product of New York City’s Tammany Hall political machine, snubbed its patronage demands after he was elected and launched an investigation into corruption. Legislators then brought charges of financial irregularities that even some anti-Tammany forces agreed were true.

–James E. Ferguson of Texas, convicted by the state Senate in 1917 on charges stemming from a fight over control of the University of Texas. Ferguson resigned a day before his conviction was announced.

–John C. Walton of Oklahoma, removed in 1923 after he declared martial law and ordered the National Guard to disband a grand jury that was investigating him.

–Henry S. Johnston of Oklahoma, removed in 1929 after he ordered the National Guard to surround the Capitol and prevent the Legislature from assembling to investigate him.

–Evan Mecham of Arizona, removed in 1988 after he was convicted of trying to thwart an investigation into a death threat allegedly made by an aide.

–Rod Blagojevich of Illinois, removed in 2009 after federal authorities accused him of trying to sell the Senate seat vacated when Barack Obama was elected president.

Sounds like Oklahoma in the 1920s was an interesting place!


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