Potters Have Legit Shot at OVAC Playoffs

It is the 2nd year of this format for deciding Ohio Valley Athletic Conference championships in basketball, but the 1st year East Liverpool is playing a qualifying number of games.  Member schools have 18 game regular season games.  The top 4 in each of the 4 classifications will be paired off 1v4 and 2v3 with the winners meeting a week later on a neutral floor for the conference title.  The other schools will play each other in 2 picked up games to achieve 20 game schedules.  As it stands right now, the Potters sit 4th in AAAA:

Wheeling Park 10 3 660 50.8
Weir 8 2 454 45.4
John Marshall 7 4 448 40.7
East Liverpool 4 7 248 22.5

Indian Creek 6 7 276 21.2
Buckeye Local 4 8 250 20.8
Steubenvlle 4 8 250 20.8
Brooke 2 8 112 11.2
Edison 1 9 68 6.8
*Beaver Local 1 11 0 0.0
*Cambridge 8 3 0 0.0
*Zanesville 4 6 0 0.0
*Parkersburg South 7 4 0 0.0

The record stated is actually wrong, as East Liverpool is 5-6 (Beaver Local is 0-12), but I assume the computer average figure, which is what matters here, is correct.  The teams at 0.0 do not play a qualifying number of games within the OVAC and are therefore ineligible.  Obviously, this is still a very fluid situation.  The Potters have remaining OVAC games with Linsly (8th in AA), Oak Glen (7th in AAA), Brooke (8th in AAAA), Steubenville (a close 7th in AAAA so obviously very crucial), and Martins Ferry (2nd in AAA).  As you can tell by the numbers, they are nowhere near 3rd right now and are very close to 7th, but if they can win most of their remaining games they will probably get in, and once in you just see what happens.  Getting a game or two of tournament experience before the state playoff sectionals start couldn’t hurt but be useful.

And no, Buckeyenewshawk hasn’t the foggiest idea how exactly those computer average numbers are calculated.  He assumes winning games is a good thing, though.


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