Buckeyes Lose Lead, Game to Spartans

Ohio St ran out to a sizeable lead in the middle of the 1st half but could not hold off Michigan St, who hit a 3 at the buzzer to close to within 5 and dominated the 2nd half to get the win in Columbus.  Oh well.  It would have been a big win for the Buckeyes to get, as they look to me to be the quintessential bubble team at the moment.  They have 2 big nonconference wins against Miami and Notre Dame, but save a win at Ann Arbor their conference play so far has basically been to beat the teams below them and lose to the teams ahead of them, and its about an equal number in both categories.  It is still only January, and I have not really researched it or crunched numbers.  On one hand, the SEC seems to be really down as does some of the traditionally stronger mid-major conferences.  On the other hand, it certainly appears that a full 25% of the at-large spots will be claimed by Big East teams.  So I really think Ohio St needs to be 4th or 5th at least, rather than 6th or 7th in the Big Ten pecking order if they want in the Dance.  There are still several opportunities to get a signature conference win, but they had a chance at one today.  Maybe if Matta had pulled them out of a zone that was obviously not working anymore a bit sooner . . .  Oh well, its still only January and its a young team.


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