Potters Split Girls/Boys Doubleheader at Beaverdome

First of all, I would like to say that I enjoyed them playing the varsity doubleheader, something that is not done with the same frequency in this area as in some others.  I would favor East Liverpool scheduling something like that at home in the future.  It allows the girls to play in front of a crowd perhaps larger than they otherwise would, and it allows fans to catch two varsity games on one ticket and without taking two seperate evenings to do it.  The girls got to play in front of a packed crowd at the Beaverdome (of course, it doesn’t take many people to fill that place).

The night did not start well for East Liverpool, as the Lady Potters discovered, as I suspect they already knew, that it is hard to win a basketball game when you let the other team score the game’s first 20 points.  After that rough start, which saw the Beavers make just abot everything they threw at the basket and the Potters not even get a shot most trips, ELHS fought hard, but they were never able to get closer than about 10-12 points down, and what slim chance they still had at the 4 minute mark faded when the Beavers were solid at the foul line.  Brittany Tomaselli had a very off night shooting for the Potters, and it was fairly clear (this was the first girls game I made it to this season) that the team can go about as far as she can lead them.  It has other solid players; for example Alexis Harrison had a good night in the low post, but it needs Tomaselli hitting perimeter shots and making plays to be anywhere near full strength on offense.  But still, they competed better than the 64-48 final score might indicate.  You just can’t start a game that lousy.

The boys, predictably, fared much better against a Bever Local team that is now 0-12 according to The Review.  The Potters raced out to a 9-0 lead and it looked like it would be a laugher from the start, but the Beavers steadied themselves and the Potter lead was only about 7 at halftime.  But EL won the 3rd quarter 18-3 and won the 4th quarter also to finish out an 83-47 final.  Jason Dickey was high scorer (I believe The Review reported he had 24) but it was a fairly balanced attack with everyone in the 9 man rotation getting involved.  The win improves the Potters to 5-6 on the season with a busy week upcoming with 3 home games on the docket.  The twice postponed game with Cleveland Max Hayes is Monday after the freshmen play a game at 4:30pm.  The game is free to season ticket holders (bring a ticket to a future game to prove status) and $4 for general admission.  It was originally scheduled at Cleveland so its not in the regular ticket packs.  Tuesday the Potters host Linsly (WV) Academy again after the freshmen play a game at 4:30.  The Review capsule in Saturday’s paper erroneously identified it as a girls game with Linsly, but its the boys.  Then Friday the Potters will look to avenge their loss a few weeks ago against Oak Glen (WV).  It was also reported in today’s Review, for those that like to plan ahead, that last week’s postponed game at Youngstown Cardinal Mooney has been rescheduled for Saturday February 14th for all you lovers out there.  It did not specify a start time, so I assume the usual 6pm JV start.

Lastly, as a brief aside, I think last night’s boys game at Beaver Local is the most combined personal fouls I have ever seen in a game with no one fouling out.  Between the two teams it had to be at least a half dozen kids that ended the night with 4 fouls, but I don’t recall anyone being disqualified on fouls.  Not many fouls called in the 4th quarter as the result was not in doubt, or surely several kids would’ve fouled out.


One Response to “Potters Split Girls/Boys Doubleheader at Beaverdome”

  1. Nick Says:

    Giving up the first twenty points in a game is pretty bad, but it is not as bad as scoring 18 points all game, as my alma matter’s girls team did the other night. (Final score was 30-18, that could not have been fun to watch.)

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