Steelers, Cardinals Heading to Tampa

Wohoo!!!  They had me a bit worried until Polamula did his thing on the pick 6 with about 4 minutes to go.  Baltimore is a very good team and refused to go away.  The Steelers controlled the game early but things turned on the personal foul on Keamatu and the subsequent long punt return by Leonhard setting up the short field.  Then it was a fairly even game with Baltimore getting back in forcing a stop after their score made it 16-14.  I’m sure Ravens fans might wonder how things had gone if they had started their drive at the 40, which they were going to if not for the boneheaded foul on the Steeler gunner when he was already well out of bounds.  From their own 14 Baltimore did hit a big play to Heap before the Polamula interception basically cinched it.

Scary play afterwards when Ryan Clark and Willis McGahee collided head on head.  Clark was down for a bit but got back up; it appears he’ll be okay.  I just hope that ultimately the same thing can be said for McGahee.  Steeler Nation will also be obsessing for the next 2 weeks over Hines Ward’s leg injury suffered early in the game.  Hopefully it is something that can heal fully in a fortnight, as I think the Steelers will need a full strength offense to try to outpace Arizona.

Speaking of the Cardinals, wow!  Anyone see that one coming?  Didn’t think so.  They certainly picked the right time to hit their peak.  Predictably the running game was not quite as good against Philadelphia, but it was still a functional aspect of their offense.  And, of course, they have Larry Fitzgerald, who I think has become the best wide receiver in the NFL right now.

I assume the Steelers will be favored, but I am far but confident about this matchup.  That Cardinals offense is dynamic, and Kurt Warner is hard to blitz.  It’ll be one helluva matchup when Arizona has the ball.  I assume the Steelers defense will be able to make some plays, but so will Arizona.  The Steelers will have to score in at least the mid-20s to pull this one out.  Still, February 1st should be a lot of fun.  Super Bowl, Steelers football, a little bit of The Boss at halftime.  What could be better?


One Response to “Steelers, Cardinals Heading to Tampa”

  1. gosteelers Says:

    i anticipate a high scoring game. should be a good one.

    come vote for who you think will win this year’s big game…

    go steelers!

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