SCOTUS Tramples on Rights

To be specific, a recently rendered 5-4 decision waters down the exclusionary rule that prevents illegally obtained evidence to be used against a defendant at trial:

Chief Justice Roberts completely misses the point.  Its not trampling on the justice system to keep out of court evidence that should have never been gathered in the first place.  By irrevocably harming the right of a defendant to be protected against unlawful searches and seizures and instead allowing that poisonous fruit to sicken the jury pool the conservative flank of the Supreme Court is trampling on the rights of all of us.  It allows the state to say, “Oops, sorry, our bad.  We had no right to toss the trunk of your car.  To make up for it, we’ll send you to jail for a couple years.”  The judicial system cannot uphold the law if law enforcement is allowed to circumvent the law.


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