MLB Tweaks Two Postseason Rules

Both very positive changes in my opinion.  The first one is to clarify rules pertaining to weather delayed and postponed games.  Like Game 5 of last season’s World Series, now all playoff games will definitely be suspended if play is halted and cannot be resumed that day.  It will then be resumed in that inning with that score in that ballpark once conditions permit and no playoff games will be deemed over in less than 9 innings.

The other pertains to home field advantage for play-in games between teams tied for the division or for the wildcard spot after the regular season.  In the past it was pre-determined by coin flip.  Now whichever team won more games in the regular season series will be given homefield.  Not sure the procedure if the two teams evenly split the regular season, but at least we do have a meritorious system in place now.  Frankly, Buckeyenewshawk would have no problem with simply breaking the tie itself in favor of the team that won the head-to-head, but this is fine also.

Now if we could just get a salary cap . . .


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