Pens Continue Slide, Lose to Caps

6-3 was the final score as the Penguins fail to seize on momentum gained from last night’s win over the Flyers and instead remain in the funk they have been mired in since December.  If the playoffs started today the defending Eastern Confernce champs would miss them.  This is probably just the sort of midseason funk that bored NHL and NBA teams sometimes go into, figuring they’ll flip the switch late in the season and in the playoffs.  But every game they drop it increases the risk of digging a hole too hard to climb out of.  This team is entirely too talented to be pissing around this much, and the weak defensive/goaltending play is particularly troubling.  It would in many ways be absurd, but every loss also just fuels the speculation about how much more rope coach Michel Therien has at this point.  This team lost the Stanley Cup Finals in 6 games last June, so its ridiculous to even think along those lines.  But I’m sure management will think in terms of the team needing a shakeup soon.  Trading for more blueline help or an experienced backup goalie is one thing they could try.  A new head coach is an even easier route they could go.


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