Senator Voinovich to Retire

Reports online this afternoon were that Ohio Senator George Voinovich was going to retire rather than seek reelection to his seat when it comes open in 2010.  The Republican former Governor and mayor of Cleveland is in his 70s and appears ready to retire like most normal people in their 70s would like to do, as opposed to your normal US Senator in his 70s who figures on serving another 2-3 terms.  Though I never met the Senator, I was in the same room as him one time when he was Governor and I was a delegate to Buckeye Boys’ State in 1995 serving in the mock State House of Representatives and he came to speak to us.  Though I have not always agreed with his policies (personally being from the left side of the political spectrum) I have always thought he was a decent and principled person and his public service is appreciated.

Of course, now the speculation can fully begin on who will try to replace him.  On the Republican side I would look for at least one of former Congressmen Rob Portman and John Kasich to take a look at the seat.  Don’t be surprised if former Senator Mike DeWine, who lost his seat to Sherrod Brown in 2006, tries to get back in the game.  I even saw one blogger speculate Joe the Plumber, though I would find that candidacy humerous and quixotic.  There are rumors he might go for Marcy Kaptur’s Toledo area Congressional seat, though a run against her would be even more quixotic.  On the Democratic side, just about anyone in statewide position other than Governor Strickland seem plausible.  Chiefly on that list would be Lt. Governor Lee Fisher, Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, and Attorney General Richard Cordray.  Akron-area Congressman Tim Ryan is also a definite possibility.  Stay tuned.


2 Responses to “Senator Voinovich to Retire”

  1. Kevin Snyder Says:

    I’m guessing serious Republicans will be trying to decide if this seat is clearly move winable than the Governor race, and my current guess is that it will be. On the Republican side, I think this probably comes down to Portman, Kasich, or perhaps the potentially intriguing Mary Taylor if she is interested. She won a state office in 2006 so one has to think that she would be more than viable here. Also saw Ken Blackwell listed elsewhere — count me as not interested.

    For the Democrats, count me as one excited Republican if it is Lee Fisher. My initial thought is this comes down to Jennifer Brunner or Tim Ryan though I would be curious if long-time Akron mayor Don Plusquellic could get any statewide traction. Also saw Zach Space listed on the web, but it seems like a big leap for a guy who is in Congress primarily because Boy Ney isn’t.

  2. Brian Saxton Says:

    Portman’s declared for Senate, Kasich is likely for Governor.

    Rumor is that the D’s are going to try to keep Jennifer Brunner in place to try to keep the apportionment board seat she holds. Ditto for Taylor on the R side.

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