ODOT In Columbiana County Drops Ball

When it came to road maintenance after Wednesday evening’s weather dropped an inch or so of snow on the ground.  I was in Kent and came home after watching a basketball game; it was about 10pm when I hit the Columbiana County line on Rt. 11.  Mind you, I-76 from Kent to Youngstown was cleared, and Rt. 11 in Mahoning County was also clear.  In fact, I passed a truck that was plowing the right shoulder south of Canfield.  So Portage and Mahoning County ODOT offices were on the ball.  But in Columbiana County, Rt 11, the only freeway that completely bisects the whole county, was largely completely untreated.  No salt, no plow, no nothing.  If I was 6 and on a sled it might’ve been fun.  But I was in a car.  It was reprehensible.  The storm, aside from flurries, had been over for a couple hours.  It had not been touched, save the stretch from Calcutta to East Liverpool which was basically clear.  Someone had taken the time to clear the southbound off and on ramps at 7/267 interchange, but not the actual road, even though a solid jersey barrier means that truck reentered the freeway and had to stay on until Calcutta.

And, my understanding is the road was still not cleared as of dawn this morning.  Absolutely inexcusable.  Makes you wonder what that road will look like for days after the next really substantial storm (perhaps Saturday) comes through.


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