NFL Playoff Predictions

I wanted to get this up in time for my readers to catch a flight out to Vegas and bet against what I say.  Here are my official predictions for the upcoming NFL Playoffs:

Wildcard weekend:

5. Arizona defeats 4. Arizona: Cardinals have no defense

5. Indianapolis defeats 4. San Diego: Should be a shootout but the Colts defense will get he odd stop.

3. Miami defeats 6. Baltimore: Rookie quarterback struggles and Chad Pennington leads the Dolphins to a 13-9 type win.

6. Philadelphia defeats 3. Minnesota: Eagles D contains Adrian Peterson and Tavaris Jackson gets blitzed.

Divisional Playoffs:

5. Indianapolis defeats 1. Tennessee: Titans remind me a lot of those Chiefs teams of the 1990s that dominated regular seasons then lost right away in the playoffs.  Also, I just think the Colts are better but lost the division by a game because they got off to a slow start with Manning’s knee injury.

2. Carolina defeats 5. Atlanta: Home team won both regular season meeting and I look for that trend to continue.

1. New York defeats 6. Philadelphia: Giants defense gets after McNabb and Eli makes enough plays to win a close game.

2. Pittsburgh defeats 3. Miami: Steelers defense controls the Dolphins offense just as well as the Ravens do the week before, but are able to score more and win by about 10 points.

Championship Games:

1. New York defeats 2. Carolina: Should be close just like the regular season matchup but I look for the Giants defense to force a couple key turnovers.

5. Indianapolis defeats 2. Pittsburgh: Colts on a role as Dwight Freeney exposes the Steelers offensive line.  Manning sacked several times but hits enough plays to pull out a barn-burner.

Yes, the dreaded Manning Bowl.  I look for the Giants to repeat as Super Bowl champions.  Eli’s team has the better defense and Earth, Wind, and Fire able to batter the Colts defense.

So, let the games begin and we’ll see how wrong I am.


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