Oakland Raiders to Interview Paul Hackett

Yes you read that headline correctly.  The crawl on ESPN has today been telling me that the Raiders intend to interview Jim Harbaugh, Kevin Gilbride, and Paul Hackett for their head coaching position.  Of the 3 Harbaugh sounds like the best bet.  His 2 teams at Stanford have sucked less than the prior couple seasons, and his brother is leading the Ravens into the playoffs.  As far as Gilbride, his name surfaces sometimes, but as far as head coaches go he is probably a better offensive coordinator.  But those names pale in comparison to . . .

Paul Hackett?!???  Al Davis, you cannot be serious!  Paul Hacket???  Is this the same Paul Hackett that completely destroyed a Pitt Panther program that was once a national power with the likes of Hugh Green, Bill Fralic, Matt Cavanaugh, Tony Dorsett, and Dan Marino?  Is this the same Paul Hackett that ruined a USC program that was a national power that then took years of work to reconstitute under Pete Carroll?  Is this the same Paul Hackett that was offensive coordinator for the Kansas City Chiefs for years in the 1990s when the Chiefs were primarily noteworthy for being a team lacking an offense?  Are you kidding me??  Then again, he might be a perfect fit for an organization as disfunctional as the Raiders.


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