Blagojevich Uses Nuclear Option

Just when the Illinois Governor having been arrested for trying to sell the open Senate seat vacated by President-Elect Obama was starting to fade a bit from public discourse, Rod Blagojevich kicks over the hornet’s nest and fills the vacancy, tapping former Illinois Attorney General Roland Burris.  Let the fun begin!

I am not real familiar with Mr. Burris, but the first blush reaction I am hearing is that he is a clean character, free of scandal in his past, someone that would under normal circumstances make a perfect place holder and viable candidate to retain a term in his own right when that seat is up for election in 2010.  Of course, these are no normal circumstances.  Though probably completely unfair, Burris now comes under immediate suspicion; what did he do to get the appointment?  Did he play ball with Blagojevich in some way, overt or indirect?  And, is there anything anyone can do about it?  Word is Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid has said that his august body will refuse to seat Mr. Burris or anyone Blagojevich appoints.  I understand completely where he is coming from, but I’m not sure they should do that unless reasonably solid evidence tying Mr. Burris to the pay-to-play scandal surfaces.  To refuse him the seat would be unfair to Mr. Burris, who may’ve gotten the seat all along in an above-board process, and also of course causes Illinois to be under-represented in the Senate.  Since the Illinois Supreme Court refused to strip Blago of his powers as Governor, and since the Legislature has not impeached him (yet), and since the Legislature failed to pass language taking from the Governor the power to fill an open US Senate seat via appointment, the appointment is duly made and legal.  It should be investigated to be sure to make sure the Roland Burris selection was on the up-and-up, particularly in the 5 days between now and January 5th.  If there are questions come January 5th, put his seating on temporary hold if necessary.  But, bottom line, Mr. Burris should be permitted to become Illinois’ junior Senator.  Its not Mr. Burris’ fault that Blago was able to outflank politicians in his own Legislature and Democrats on Capitol Hill.


One Response to “Blagojevich Uses Nuclear Option”

  1. coffee fiend Says:

    it’s interesting how Blagojevich seems so unaffected by all the chaos swirling around him; it’s as if he feels right at home…

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