Wrangling Over Land for Flight 93 Memorial

It is to the point that the Flight 93 families want the National Parks service to sieze the land through eminent domain:


Not sure I like using eminent domain to acquire land for a memorial, as opposed to getting clear right of way for a new road or something.  Still, the landowner is not actively doing anything with that parcel; it was mined for coal and converted back to meadow before September 2001.  Hopefully he and the Parks Service can arrive at a mutually agreeable selling price so this can move forward.  Crass as it sounds, this memorial could probably be a boon to the local economy in that part of Somerset County.


One Response to “Wrangling Over Land for Flight 93 Memorial”

  1. Mike Benard Says:

    As journalists formerly would say, the issue of eminent domain raises questions. It is “hallowed ground,” as one editorial writer said — but 2,200 acres for the memorial?

    Private property rights also represent hallowed ground. Traditionally, the “taking” of property under the badge of government is supposed to be for the public good, based on just compensation for property owners.

    In many cases today, however, eminent domain has less to do with projects for the “public good” and everything to do with the financial good of publicly held corporations.

    Nowadays, eminent domain usually means someone wants your property, and the government helps them take it. In nearby Bedford county, PA, landowners are being taken to federal court (Johnstown) by Houston-based Spectra Energy Corporation and backed by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

    This amounts to legal theft and the property owners are fighting. Spectra Energy: using eminent domain to trample private property rights

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