Potters & Irish Win Night One of Potter Holiday Classic

In the first game Youngstown Ursuline slowly pulled away from Wheeling Linsly Academy and won by a comfortable score.  The Irish are a very talented team, but I don’t think their intensity level was real high tonight.  They probably took one look at Linsly and pegged it an easy win, but that can be dangerous if you fool around a team too long.  The purist in me would’ve liked to see the Irish play more focused defense, maybe even full court, and run that team out of the gym early on.  In fairness, though, the Irish were having an apparent off night shooting and still won fairly easily.

In the nightcap the Potters got the win over rival Beaver Local; the score was 64-45 or something similar to that.  Jason Dickey was the leading scorer for the Potters with over 20 points, and freshman Marky Thompkins came off the bench to lead the supporting cast.  With Da’Neil Prentice back in uniform the Potters can go about 9 deep in the rotation which allows them to run the floor and absorb a certain amount of foul trouble.  Beaver Local plays hard for coach Jake Walgate, and they were at times able to exploit gaffes by the Potters, but not nearly often enough, as the Beavers quite frankly suffer from a lack of obvious talent.

So the stage is set for tomorrow night.  At 6pm Linsly and Beaver Local will play in the consolation game with Ursuline and East Liverpool to follow for the championship.  I would say you have to favor the Irish; if they play at top form they’ll be tough to beat.  But the Potters definitely have a chance in this game if they play reasonably free of mistakes, a big if for such a young team.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow night.


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