NFL TV Coverage Maps for Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling for Week 17

This is the final week of the season, so it is doubleheaders on both CBS and Fox, and there are no NFL Network or ESPN games; all 32 teams play on Sunday.  CBS at 1pm all local affiliates will of course show Cleveland @ Pittsburgh as its local if unimportant.  Gus Johnson and Steve Tasker will be calling the game.  At 1pm Fox affiliates in Youngstown and Wheeling will show the Giants @ Minnesota with Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger on the call.  Fox 53 Pittsburgh will be blacked out because the Steelers are home on the other network, but it should be stressed that they will come back on the air promptly at 4pm with the end of a compelling early game if such a finish exists.  At 4:15 all local CBS affiliates (along with the vast majority of the country) will show Miami @ Jets with Jim Nantz and Phil Simms.  At 4:15 all local Fox affiliates (again along with the vast majority of the country) will show Dallas @ Philadelphia with Joe Buck and Troy Aikman.  At 8:20pm NBC will have the battle for the AFC West with Denver @ San Diego.

On a quick sidebar b/c my blog has got hits for this topic in the past; Fox will be blacked out in the late game window in Baltimore and unable to show the Redskins @ 49ers b/c the Ravens are at home on CBS.  They will, however, be permitted back on the air at 7pm to show the conclusion of whichever CBS late game the network routes them.  On the other hand, CBS in Washington D.C. will be able to show the Ravens game and not be blacked out b/c the Redskins are on the road.

As always this info is courtesy of and subject to change.  Enjoy the final day of the NFL regular season!


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