The Weekend (Almost) Everyone Lost

Well, with the exception of the night games Week 16 is now in the books in the NFL.  With the Jets, Broncos, Buccanneers, Vikings,  Eagles, and Cowboys all losing we know a couple more things about how the playoff field will look, but plenty is still to be decided.  A quick synopsis of relevant teams, division by division, to the best of my knowledge.  I will post the official scenarios by midweek after the Monday Night game.

AFC East:

If Miami beats the Jets next Sunday, they win the division.  If they lose I do not think there is a way they can make the playoffs.  If the Jets win that game and New England wins, the Patriots win the East.  If the Jets win and the Patriots lose, New York claims the division title.  If the Patriots win their game with Buffalo, they can claim a wildcard if Baltimore loses.

AFC North:

The Steelers loss to the Titans locks them into the #2 seed.  Baltimore gets the #6 seed if they beat Jacksonville.  They can also claim that spot if New England loses  and New York beats Miami because the Dolphins would be 2nd in the East and Baltimore beat the Dolphins.

AFC South:

Tennessee clinched the #1 seed and Indianapolis clinched the #5 seed with their wins this weekend.

AFC West:

If Denver wins or ties their rematch with the Chargers, they hold onto the West.  But if San Diego wins the Hochuli Bowl, they claim this division at 8-8 after being 3 games back with 3 games to go.

NFC East:

New York clinched a bye seed with the Vikings loss this afternoon.  They clinch the #1 seed if they beat Carolina tonight.  Dallas is in as a wildcard if they beat Philadelphia Sunday.  The Eagles are in if they win that game,  Tampa loses to Oakland, and the Bears or Vikings lose a game.  The Redskins were eliminated by Atlanta’s win.

NFC North:

The Vikings win the North if they beat the Giants next Sunday or the Bears lose either to Green Bay tomorrow night or to Houston next Sunday.  The Bears can still win the division if they win out and the Vikings lose again.  The Bears can be a wildcard if they win both remaining games, Tampa loses or ties, and Dallas loses to Philadelphia.  Minnesota cannot be a wildcard at 9-7.

NFC South:

Carolina clinched a playoff spot and can clinch the division and the #1 overall seed by winning tonight.  Failing that, winning next week against New Orleans gives them the division and the #2 seed.  Atlanta can win the division and be seeded 2nd with a win over St. Louis and two Panther losses.  The Falcons clinched a playoff spot this weekend.  Tampa can get a wildcard if they beat Oakland and Philadelphia beats Dallas.

NFC North:

Arizona is locked into the #4 seed.


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