Jack Wilson Wants to Win

Now that it appears Pirates shortstop Jack Wilson will not be traded this offseason, he would like to see management assemble a competitive team in Pittsburgh:


You aren’t the only one that would like to see that, Jack.  None of us are holding our breath at this point, but we’re all dying to see it.  Frank Coonelly’s comparison to the Red Sox would be laughable if it weren’t so galling.  Yes, the Red Sox had noticeable turnover from their 2004 team to their 2007 team.  But they didn’t get rid of good players just to get rid of them.  They decided to not outbid the Yankees for Johnny Damon, and other than that their focus was on trying to bring in players with talent.  They didn’t go about actively repelling good players like the Pirates did.  Wanting to build through the draft is all well and good.  But the Pirates would’ve had draft picks if they still had Jason Bay.  Or Xavier Nady.  Or Aramis Ramirez.  Or Jason Schmidt.  Draft picks in baseball take years and more often than not don’t pan out.  And when the Pirates do get a good player, they just turn around and get rid of them before they have to pay them.  Mark Cuban has said there are two kinds of owners in professional sports; those that are in it to win, and those that are in it to turn a profit.  Pirates fans have long known which group their ownership falls into, and it ain’t the winning group.


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