A Purpose-Driven Inauguration?

It seems that President-elect Obama has created a bit of a firestorm on the left by announcing that mega-church pastor Rick Warren, probably most famous as the author of A Purpose Driven Life, will offer the invocation at Obama’s inauguration next month.  After all, Warren is pro-life and opposes gay marriage, for example.  Frankly, I think people on the left getting upset over this need to relax.  Its an invocation, not an appointment to the Supreme Court.  It should hardly come as a galloping shock that Obama found a religious person that likes life.  Indeed, Rick Warren is a lot better at that than other religious A-listers like Pat Robertson; he is also outspoken on needing to do more to husband the environment, cure/curb AIDS, and other social justice issues that liberals and he can agree on.  Also, I think a lot of people would be inclined to ask their own priest/minister/reverend/rabbi/etc to offer a few well chosen words at their inaugural.  But if people recall the campaign, asking his own long time minister to do this is not a politically feasible option for Obama.

So, just relax.  Its an invocation.  Rick Warren will speak for a minute or two, and then no one will remember his words once Obama puts his hand on the Bible and says that oath and gives his speech.


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