WKBN Youngstown NFL Plans December 21st

I cannot put up the full coverage maps for this weekend as the506.com will not have the Fox late game maps until Thursday, but I noticed my blog is getting a few hits on this specific subject and wanted to get the info out there.  Youngstown is considered a secondary market of both the Steelers and the Browns.  When the two teams are playing different games at the same time it has usually been the habit of WKBN, the CBS affiliate in Youngstown, to show the Cleveland Browns figuring that is what the majority of their audience wants, particularly as you move north and west of Youngstown proper.  However, they have changed that in past Decembers when the Steelers were doing well and the Browns are not.  And this year is no exception.  At 1pm this coming Sunday they are slated to show Steelers @ Titans instead of the Browns/Bengals.

For the record, it looks like all local Fox stations, along with the vast majority of the country, will show Arizona @ New England at 1pm.  Like I said, I’ll make the full weekend TV coverage blog posting once all the maps are out.


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