BG Hockey Drops Game to #1 Notre Dame

3-1 was the final score from the Bowling Green Ice House.  Thanks to NHL Network, I was able to watch the BCSN feed of this game, and so I did.  The Irish were clearly the better team in this game, but BG was able to hang in there and almost got the game tied at 2 in the middle of the 3rd period but had a shot hit off the crossbar.  BG got a power play in the final 2 minutes and pulled the goalie to make it a 6-on-4 advantage, but a Notre Dame clearing attempt with about 70 seconds left found the empty net and that about sealed things.

Its kind of hard to get a read off of one game, but I liked the effort, especially from the BG goalie.  What I did not like, however, were entirely too many giveaways near our own blue line, especially on clearing attempts even strength.  A weaker night from the goalie or a worse night in the luck department and it could’ve been a Notre Dame laugher for that reason alone.  Scott Paluch has been the coach for 7 seasons now, and it would be nice to see him refashion a winning program, and not just a mediocre one, at Bowling Green soon.  1984 was a long time ago now.


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