Pirates Freeze Ticket Prices for 2009

The Pittsburgh Pirates have announced that they will NOT raise ticket prices for the 2009 season, but rather hold the line on 2008 rates.  In the press release, Frank Coonely sites the economic situation and blah blah blah.  Of course, its not just economics that would prevent fans from going to games if they cost more, though certainly the economics don’t help.  Even if the team improves attendance won’t unless the picture is less bleak by next summer.  What also prevents fans from going to games is the utter and complete lack of a reason to go.  I mean, we’ve seen them lose before; nothing unique about the experience anymore.  Pirates ownership is still so freakin cheap they are looking for a team willing to accept part, not even all, just part, of Jack Wilson’s $8M salary for 2009.  Having run out of more valuable players to dump, they are now looking to move Jack Wilson, even though they have no shortstops in the system that are anywhere near Major League ready, just to save a few dollars.

On the other hand, maybe we should be thankful they are holding the line on ticket prices.  I heard on Mike & Mike in the Morning the other morning that the Kansas City Royals are on the list of teams (with logical teams like the New York squads, Boston, and Tampa) that are raising prices for 2009.  I would love to know how Royals brass is justifying that move.


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