Plaxico Burress

It was perhaps predictable, but I fear that this story is spiralling out of control.  I don’t mean Plex, I mean the story itself.  An accidental shooting has turned into a full scale police investigation.  Teammate Antonio Pierce’s car has been impounded to look for blood and gunpowder residue evidence.  Why?  He drove Plex to the hospital, so naturally Plex’s blood is probably all over that vehicle.  The FBI is tracing the gun itself.  I would assume that is SOP.  ESPN has Sal Palantonio living in Hempstead.  Frankly, I was surprised to learn having an unliscensed firearm in NYC cares a 3.5 year mandatory minimum sentence.  Its not a small thing, but 30 months prison?

I don’t want to minimize the severity of this.  Of course Plex should’ve had the weapon registered.  I guess it was registered at one time in Florida, which shows Plex knows it should be done.  One can certainly ask why he had it on him at the nightclub.  I assume he travels with an entourage that would jump in if things got hairy.  But it should come as no surprise that he was absent-minded enough to have it unregistered to have it accidentally go off on him.  I remember when he was a rookie with the Steelers and he caught a pass in a game in Jacksonville, went down w/o being touched, and got up and spiked the ball at the 35 yard line.  If he were a certain baseball player we would just call it Manny being Manny and laugh it off.  The important thing is he didn’t accidentally shoot someone else.  Its serious, but I just don’t want to go off half-cocked too much here.  All this talk about whether he’ll ever play again.  Its nonsense.  Of course he’ll play again.  It might not be w/ the Giants, but he’ll play again, probably in 2009.  His lawyer will find a way for this to get pled down to a lesser charge.  If anyone gets in serious trouble, it’ll be the people at Cornell Medical Center that didn’t report the GSW to the police as they are required by law to do.

Bottom line is if we want to get outraged over something that happened in metro New York last weekend, I would suggest the people that trampled to death the Wal Mart worker that opened the doors at 5am Black Friday.  The people that were so hell bent on getting a cheap plasma TV that they killed a person and then threw a hissy fit when they closed the store for awhile in the aftermath are the ones that should be looking at at least 30 months in the slammer.  Frankly, a lot more than that.  They killed someone; Plex didn’t.


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