Big XII South Tiebreakers

Yes, its messed up that the less than perfect BCS formula is used to break this tie between Texas, Oklahoma, and Texas Tech.  But, they had to use something.  I hate to confuse some people out there, but they couldn’t give the spot to Texas just because they beat Oklahoma.  See, try as hard as some will to ignore this after what happened in Norman on November 22nd, Texas Tech was part of this tie also.  Texas Tech beat Texas.  Oklahoma beat Texas Tech.  Texas beat Oklahoma.  Its an unending casuality loop.  Head to head cannot be applied here.  You couldn’t consider non-conference record, as all 3 went 4-0 in their non-conference games.  The Big Ten considers if one team played a non-conf game against someone outside the bowl subdivision.  The MAC uses the strength of cross-divisional conference schedule.  The SEC uses the BCS to drop the 3rd ranked team from the equation then use head to head for the other 2 tied teams.  None of those systems are completely fair.  Indeed far from it.  Nothing would be “fair” here.  You have to use something.  The Big XII uses the BCS figures straight up.  That narrowly gave the spot in their conference title game to Oklahoma.  It is what it is.

If you want to talk fair and unfair, lets consider Texas Tech.  They won’t even get a BCS bowl bid.  Texas will get an at-large bid by being in the Top 4, and it might even be the title game if Oklahoma loses.  Oklahoma or Missouri will get the conference’s auto-bid, and the Sooners will make the national title game if they win again Saturday.  Texas Tech, 11-1 and currently 7th in the BCS standings will get the Cotton Bowl at best.  That’s still better than most, a bowl steeped in tradition played on New Year’s Day.  But its not the big money.


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