NFL Coverage Maps for Pittsburgh/Youngstown/Wheeling Area for Week 13

Thanksgiving Weekend is almost upon us, so NFL fans have 7 distinct windows in which they can view a game this weekend.  Thursday afternoon might be a good time to sleep off the triptophan; CBS will have Tennessee @ Detroit at 12:30pm and Fox will have Seattle @ Dallas at 4pm.  I am not sure on announcer assignments, but the networks usually send their top crews, and neither top crew is on the Sunday schedule, so assume Nantz & Simms in Detroit and Buck & Aikman in Dallas.  The Thursday night game on the NFL Network is Arizona @ Philadelphia.

Sunday afternoon sees the map a bit more split than usual.  Fox Pittsburgh and Wheeling will do a 1pm game; Giants @ Washington with Kenny Albert, Moose, and Goose.  Fox Youngstown will avoid opposing the Browns game and show Atlanta @ San Diego at 4:05pm with Matt Vasgersian & J.C. Pearson.  CBS at 1pm is also split, with Youngstown showing Indianapolis @ Cleveland (most of the country is getting this game) with Dick Enberg & Randy Cross on the call.  Pittsburgh and Wheeling is showing Baltimore @ Cincinnati with Ian Eagle and Solomon Wilcots.  All local CBS stations are doing the most featured (it is a split map) game at 4:15pm, which is Pittsburgh @ New England with Greg Gumbel and Dan Dierdorf on the call.  Sunday Night is Chicago @ Minnesota on NBC and Monday Night is Jacksonville @ Houston on ESPN.  As always this info is courtesy of and subject to change.  Enjoy the games!

***UPDATE*** WTRF Wheeling has changed and will show Indianapolis @ Cleveland at 1pm Sunday.  KDKA Pittsburgh will remain it appears with Baltimore @ Cincinnati, though I forgot to note above that if that game is still in progress at 4:12pm they will pull out for a commercial break and the start of the Steelers game.  Also, Fox Youngstown will show Giants @ Redskins at 1pm rather than Atlanta @ San Diego at 4:05pm, so all area Fox stations will be doing the same thing.


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