Ohio St Survives Falcon Scare

61-57 was the final score at ValuCity Arena this evening as the Falcons of Louis Orr battled the Buckeyes hard before flagging in the final few minutes.  Bowling Green wasn’t able to hit enough perimeter shots to really push the Buckeyes.  Still BG had a shot to tie it with 30 seconds remaining that went a glimmer and the Bucks were able to make their 4 foul shots down the stretch to hold BG off.

Dallas Lauderdale looks like he could be a beast in the paint for OSU.  To be sure, Delaware St. and BGSU are not as stern a test as he will face in conference play, but he is really coming into his own, especially as a human eraser on defense.  Also a strong night shooting for Jon Diebler as he grows more accustomed to the collegiate game.

I also thought it was a solid game for the Falcons.  Like I said above, if they could just hit some more perimeter shots, they would be looking real solid.  Fatigue probably factored into the poorer shooting late in the game, however.  I will also want to see more of an inside presence, but that should be more doable in most of their future games than it was tonight against a Big Ten foe.

Basically, tonight’s game leaves me with reason to be optimistic about both teams.


Aye Ziggy Zoomba!


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