Close Battle For 2nd in BCS

Newest numbers have just been released.  Alabama of course is #1, but Texas, Oklahoma, and Florida are in a very close battle for 2nd, in that order.  Florida is 4th despite being 2nd in both the Harris and USA Today human polls because they are 6th in the computers behind the other teams, and also behind Texas Tech and Utah.  Texas is actually 4th in both human polls, but its a close margin and they are doing a wonderful .960 (out of 1.000) in the computers, almost better than Alabama.  If teams avoid losing, this is going to be a very interesting battle to the wire.  Next week Oklahoma plays #12 Oklahoma St, Florida plays #20 Florida St. and Texas plays totally unranked Texas A&M.  If everyone wins I think Oklahoma will be higher ranked after next week, which would mean they win the Big XII South (assuming Texas Tech beats Baylor).  Of course, Florida would get a bump if they beat Alabama, but if whoever of Oklahoma and Texas wins the Big XII South and Florida beats Alabama, we could have a Red River Shootout Part II in Miami January 8th, though I suspect Florida would get enough of a bump to crash the party.  But how’s this for a crazy scenario: lets say whoever wins the Big XII South loses to Missouri, and Florida loses to Florida St before beating Alabama.  The NC could then be whoever didn’t win the South on tiebreakers and currently 5th ranked USC who won’t win the PAC 10 unless Oregon St loses to Oregon Saturday.  In other words, the championship game could actually be 2 teams that don’t technically win their own conference.

Also, to continue a thought I had last night wrt Ohio St’s bowl prospects, the Penn St getting to the national championship game seem a bit dimmed.  They are behind Utah and both teams are done playing games.  That having been said, it is a close margin; if it gets to where Penn St is close to the title game and Utah is what is in the way, look for human votes to shift in Joe Paterno’s favor.  Also, computers can turn based on what other teams do in their remaining games.  Basically, as per usual, there are only 2 weeks left but we still don’t know what the hell is gonna happen.


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