A Fine Mess

In the BCS once this Oklahoma beat down of Texas Tech goes final.  Alabama will be the only major conference undefeated team with a half dozen one loss teams behind them; half of them from the Big XII South.  Who gets ranked #2?  Does Oklahoma jump all of them off of this performance?  Does idle Texas make the simple move up of one spot?  Really, Florida probably only need be somewhere in the top 3, as they would move up if they beat Alabama in the SEC-C.  And, of course, there is the mess within the mess in the Big XII South.  If all 3 win their last game (Texas Tech plays Baylor, Texas plays Texas A&M, Oklahoma plays Oklahoma St) they would finish in a 3 way tie that would be decided in favor of the team ranked highest in the BCS standings.  That almost certainly would rule out Tech.  However, by far the most likely upset would be the Cowboys over the Sooners in Stillwater.  If that happens, Tech wins a head-to-head with Texas to play Missouri for the conference title.  Frankly, that is probably the Red Raiders only hope for even making the BCS, as I don’t see them getting an at-large bid over Texas or Oklahoma either.  As for Texas, they might need Tech to lose to Baylor so they can win a head-to-head tie with Oklahoma.  I think if the Sooners beat the Cowboys they’ll end up the highest ranked in this group.  In that scenario, Texas could win by losing.  Suppose Oklahoma loses to Missouri.  Someone will lose the Florida v Alabama game.  Texas could end up in the National Title game after missing the conference title game.  Scenarios abound. 

In other news, Oregon St got a FG on the last play of the game, after missing a PAT that would’ve tied it with about 4 minutes to go, to beat Arizona 19-17.  If they win the Civil War next week with Oregon, they go to the Rose Bowl and kick USC into the at-large pool.  Cincinnati is a win at home against Syracuse away from winning the Big East and going to a BCS bowl, most likely the Orange.  Florida St manhandled Maryland and North Carolina lost early this afternoon to NC St, so we have something less than clarity in the ACC.  No one knows what division anyone is in, and it doesn’t matter as they all have at least 3 losses anyhow.


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