Old Man Winter

Was feeling a bit crotchety today and, as a consequence, my drive home, usually 45-50 minutes long, took a shade over 2 hours.  A snow squall hit Robinson Township around 4pm and it coated all the roads with an icy glaze.  Penn Center West Blvd being a steep hill it became basically impassible, and I believe an accident on it happened as a consequence.  So I sat in the parking lot of Building 5 for over an hour basically not moving.  When I did begin to progress down the hill I encountered a team of men salting the road . . . by hand.  The trucks hadn’t been able to make it up the hill, or were blocked by the accident.  Either way, they were out spreading salt by the handful and using wheelbarrow spreaders like you would normally do a sidewalk.  Obviously, that took time!  Then when I finally made it down to Campbell Run, it was crawling along as it was jammed by traffic that at point was full rush hour (leaving at 4:30pm I usually beat the worst of rush hour) and was further jammed by people detouring off the Parkway West inbound from Ridge Rd to Carnegie.  It was backed from at least I-79 all the way out to past McClaren Road on the way from the Airport.  See, tonight is Light Up Night in Pittsburgh kicking off the region’s Holiday festivities, and The Eagles are playing Mellon Arena.  Plus the missing ramps construction zone, and the weather, it made for a fine mess.  I can’t wait to see what happens when a bad storm comes through!


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